Kevin C. Dixon
Los Angeles, CA

Recording Portfolio

Reality Scare - Upside Down Yard Owl

Mix Engineer, Software Engineer
before... (12 sec)
A colleague of mine, Greg Booth, recently dubbed his band's 2" tape masters to digital. Unfortunately, his tapes were affected by a problem in the binder, and had variable distortion in time (see the before track).

I wrote a piece of software, StretchFix which parses SMPTE Linear Time Code, and then uses that data to automate a varispeed effect.

Using this software, we successfully restored the tracks dubbed from tape. Finally, I mixed the restored tracks (see the de-stretched and mixed track).
destretched and mixed...

Melithequin's Bling - All I Can Do

Mix Engineer, Co-Producer, Bassist
First track on Melithequin's Bling's debut album. I chose to emphasize the band's cohesiveness and capture the driving feel of the song. This mix posed some interesting challenges, due to the band's use of two full drum kits, and saxophone dubbed in from a separate tracking session.

Tracked at Red House Recording in Chassell, MI.

Alan Parsons Live Project - Breakdown

Symphonic Rock
Recording & Mix Engineer
The Alan Parsons Live Project toured to Michigan Tech University in the spring of 2006, and again in the fall of 2007 to play with the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra. I worked as a mix engineer on their first recording, and was the recording and mix engineer on their second tour.
    Points of Interest
  • Last 1/2 - Bridge & Conclusion

Momentum - Electra Glide

Recording & Mix Engineer, Co-Producer
Electra Glide is an original jam tune that the Momentum combo wrote to showcase their improvisation skills. I worked to showcase each solo, while maintaining a cohesive mix. In the end of the song, I eased all of the instruments into the mix while the song increases frantically.
    Points of Interest
  • ~1/5 - Guitar Solo
  • ~1/3 - Piano Solo
  • ~2/3 - Bridge to Sax Solo
  • last 1/5 - Full Band & Outro

Momentum - Land of 1000 Dances

Recording & Mix Engineer, Co-Producer
A James Brown classic, Momentum (of Houghton, MI) covered Land of 1000 Dances for their debut album. Myself and two other engineers headed up their project, doing all tracking, mixing, and mastering, as well as helping Momentum achieve the sound they wanted.

I worked to emulate the style of the original James Brown recording, using raw-sounding instruments, but with a modern, hi-fidelity twist.

Erin Smith - Portage

Assistant Engineer, Mix Engineer
Recorded for Erin Smith's album Around This Place. I worked directly under the lead engineer during the tracking sessions, and did preliminary mixes of several songs, of which this is one. I emphasized the driving feel of the song, as well as meticulously selected mandolin takes that worked the best for both vocal parts and transitions.

Variance - Rooftop

Mix Engineer
Variance performed this song for the Keweenaw Cares benefit show. I used this song to explore reggae memes, such as use of delay on important vocal phrases (and to add excitement), pervasive bass, and squeaky guitar sounds.
    Points of Interest
  • 1/3 - 1st Chorus to 2nd Verse
  • last 1/3 - driving transition, solo, and outro

Too Bad

Mix Engineer
Another song from the Keweenaw Cares benefit, artist unknown. This song is a bluesy / hard rock type of song, with a heavy focus on the driving guitar riff. I used delay on the guitars to bring them out in the mix, since they're the central focal point. Without the delay, they weren't prominent enough, and got lost in the busyness of the song.

Other Projects
plug-ins:psYchobass | multiband panner | a+/-b analysis tool
papers:compressor effect study